Saturday, June 18, 2016

Strategies to make change less painful

- games, moving motivators.  What motivates team members?
- bottom up change initiatives, support from leadership
- challenges : coasters, don't like change,  don't leave organizations.
- use open space to initiate changes
- empathy as a change agent. Recognizing change is HARD
- fear of uncertainty around change. "but we are effective now."
- incremental. Celebrate small wins.
- Toyota Kata. Break it down. Every day.
- spaced repetition. Make vey small change every day.
- beware complacency. "we are awesome at Agile. We don't need improving". Ask for experiments.
- ask team members to rate how well they are meeting the Agile manifesto principles. What to do to improve?
- May agile games can be used to think about change.
- defend agents of change from pressure to be pulled off change tasks.
- impact mapping. Goal, impact, actors, deliverables

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