Monday, June 6, 2016

Categorized Ideas Coaching Tool

Two samples of use of the Categorized Ideas Coaching Tool......

A sample question used for this first canvas....

To all participants (as an example).

"The government has told us we have 1 month to move our business to another province.  We have 35 employees. 
I would like your help to ensure we are prepared for this and all of our thoughts and ideas are considered. 
For each  idea that you have, place it on a sticky and put it up on the board (canvas).
Feel free to talk to each other as you put them up".

- very little facilitation needed (caused by thick lines and colors)
- If necessary, could say "It might help to read each other's stickies as you put them up"
- Step back. Things will take care of themselves...


A sample question used for the second canvas (created by one of the participants to practice)....

"I am worried about the future health of my family because we're all so busy.
  I would like some ideas about some possible steps and things to do to help keep our family healthy.  We have 4 people in the family".

Coaching Tool used : Categorized Ideas by Mike Caspar
Re-use and modification permitted under a Creative Commons 4 Attribution license

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